As some of the most prevalent figures throughout art history, angels have been a fascinating subject of artistic focus. Angels brings together some of the finest depictions of these religious figures in works from the Middle Ages to the modern day to tell the story of one the most immediately identifiable types of figures in painting.

The imagery of angels began during the days of Christianity’s rise in the medieval era. As the faith attracted more devotees and became more widely accepted across Europe, increasingly grand spaces became dedicated to worship. To encourage that devotion, artists began conjuring a wider array of religious narratives and stocked them with angelic figures. From that time, as this marvelous book illustrates, the role of the angel has grown exponentially as a means of boosting messages both powerful and peaceful.

These heavenly escorts are given new pride of place as the central focus of Angels and are showcased with remarkably crisp images and complementary prose. Step into the divine realm and buy a copy of Angels today, now available on Musebooks.