From the development of Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock in the seventh century to the monumental minarets of the seventeenth-century Taj Mahal in Agra, Islamic art and architecture built an impressive canon focused equally on opulence and reverence. This balance – along with the beauty of these works and spaces – takes center stage in Art of Islam, now available on Musebooks.

An artistic and architectural aesthetic centered around the faith, Islamic innovators who contributed to this field were tasked with designing spaces suited for Islamic worship as well as art that avoided iconic representations but nevertheless inspired religious contemplation and devotion. Islamic artists triumphed over these challenges to produce both imagery and architecture that exuded a sense of splendor though rich arabesques and enameled tile accentuated by glowing glass lamps to create an almost jewel-like surface. At the same time, this visual tradition also reflects the spread of Islam across the Mediterranean and the ensuing exchange of local artistic and architectural traditions that add a fascinating complexity over the generations. These exchanges are illuminated in Art of Islam through exceptional imagery of some of the most iconic examples of Islamic art and architecture, allowing readers to journey through this history seemingly first-hand. Buy your copy today on Musebooks.