As the grand dame of late nineteenth-century French painting, Berthe Morisot wholeheartedly embraced the coloristic vibrancy and refreshed expression of the Impressionist era. The result was a body of work that is beloved today. In addition to being feted by the first monographic exhibition of her work currently on view at the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (“Berthe Morisot: Woman Impressionist”, until 14 January 2019), Morisot is also celebrated in a marvelous new volume, now available on Musebooks.

Those who dive into this digital volume will discover the riveting story of a remarkable artist who defied the conventions of the day to stake her own claim in the male-dominated art world of late nineteenth century Paris. As readers will discover, Morisot was inextricably linked to the brilliance of the Impressionist movement: not only was she close with Édouard Manet but she was also a key figure in the very first Impressionist showcase in 1874. Learn of Morisot’s marvels through intelligent text paired with an array of her most iconic paintings captured in delicious digital detail. For those who are fascinated with the career of Morisot or are simply looking for a fleeting escape into the Impressionist world, this volume is sure to satisfy.