Some 800 people were granted early access to the beta version of – among them art lovers of the United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and even Latvia and Qatar.

Thanks to their first reactions we are currently revising our home page. The main goal of is to create a totally new reading experience for digital art books. A lot of early users overlooked the chance to sign up for their free Digital Art Book ‘How To Read Art’. Others did not know that if you buy a Digital Art Book or order the free book that it pops up immediately in MyLibrary. We took those lessons learnt and created a new home page, no longer centred on the shop but on your reading experience. We also changed the title, MyLibrary to MyBooks. This is the reason why a beta version is such a good thing for a new product, because you get the chance to create your product together with the people who use it.

On the 10th of December we are launching the new home page. Let us know your opinion on these changes!