The splendors of Chinese porcelain have enthralled audiences for generations. Beloved both for its beauty and expert craftsmanship, Chinese porcelain was collected by Renaissance patrons and continues to draw the eye of collectors today. With a heritage that dates back to the seventh century, Chinese porcelain production is one of the oldest ceramic traditions in the world. Mastering the medium alongside a wide variety of forms well in advance of any European makers, Chinese ceramicists conjured delicate yet vibrant pieces that ranged from the fully functional to the purely aesthetic.

This compelling history is written across the pages of Chinese Porcelain, which takes the reader on a journey through the key eras and styles of porcelain design accented by rich imagery of some of the most impressive wares created. Whether you are a porcelain collector or simply a fan of the heritage of Chinese art, this volume makes for a great addition to your digital library. Buy your copy today.