As a key pioneer in the field of landscape painting, French painter Claude Lorrain, more often known simply as Claude, was an innovator of his 17th-century generation. He is known for his combination of majestic views of nature with striking scenes from history, all permeated with a light so particular it became known as “Claudian light” and inspired the creation of the “Claude glass” – a tinted mirror used to filter one’s view to look like a Claude painting. 

Though he was French by birth, Claude spent the bulk of his Baroque-era days in Italy, joining the studio of Agostino Tassi in the early 1620s. Learning from Tassi’s landscape painting abilities, Claude also used these early years in Rome to explore the Italianate landscape through extended sketching and painting sessions. These studies allowed him to achieve the fresh perfection of nature for which he would become renowned. This acclaim was soon to arrive: by the following decade Claude taking commissions from Pope Urban VII, and for the years that followed he enjoyed patron after illustrious patron who clamored for their own landscape painted from Claude’s famous perspective.

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