The story of Northern Renaissance art would be incomplete without Albrecht Dürer, an essential artist who worked to rival his Southern European contemporaries and revolutionize the role of the artist through the modern advances in printmaking. A master painter and engraver, Dürer and his impressive oeuvre are showcased in The Complete Works of Albrecht Dürer, available now on Musebooks.

A native of Nuremburg, Germany, Albrecht Dürer excelled as an artist at an early age, but it was his first trip to Italy in the late 1490s that gave his career ultimate focus. Fascinated by the classical and contemporary art that the Italian peninsula held, Dürer set forth to embody those ideals while remaining true to his northern European roots. It was this combination, to which was added his incredible finesse as an artist, that proved ideal for crafting of an exceptional career. Dürer’s work is presented in impeccable detail in this volume. Grab your copy of Dürer today!