From ballet rehearsals to the racetrack, French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas embraced the late 19th-century desire to capture and commemorate Parisian life. What set him apart from his contemporaries, though, was his ability to enrich his subjects with psychological intensity and his scenes with unique compositional perspectives, resulting in a body of work that responded remarkably directly to the spirit of the age. This distinction is apparent in the marvelous synthesis of the artist's oeuvre as illustrated in The Complete Works of Edgar Degas, available now on Musebooks.

This volume offers a satisfying overview of the famed artist's career, from his early student days to his rise to artistic acclaim. Trained with Academic rigor in Paris, Degas' early explorations centered upon history paintings. As his own artistic voice emerged, however, Degas turned his attention to scenes derived from his contemporary world. Of particular emphasis were his views of dancers and racing horses, venues that allowed Degas to examine the role of immediacy in his compositions while also experimenting with unique vantages. Scenes of the fallen rider of Scenes from the Steeplechase: The Fallen Jockey (1866) or the nervously waiting ballerinas of Dancers in the Wings (1876-1878) reflect Degas' interest in these unexplored views and add to the richness of his body of work as illustrated across the pages of this volume. Add Edgar Degas to your digital library today!