From the controversial splash of Dejeuner sur l'Herbe and Olympia (1863) to the captivating enigma of the solitary and contemplative barmaid of A Bar at the Folies-Bergère (1882), Edouard Manet proved to be a pivotal artistic force in the forward progress of art in the late 19th century. These brilliant examples – along with many others of his most iconic works – come to life in The Complete Works of Édouard Manet, available now on Musebooks.

Across this volume's pages, one will learn of the evolution of the artist from his days as a student of the Academic technique to his revolutionary shift to subjects drawn from contemporary life. With his brushstroke loosened and his artistic lens focused on the world around him, Manet was ushered into the most avant-garde circle of artists working in Paris in the 1860s. Such novelty was essential to the evolution of modern artistic expression – indeed, without Manet's ingenuity it would be hard to fathom the subsequent rise of Impressionism – making the celebration of the artist in an installment from the Masters of Art book series quite appropriate. Musebooks is thrilled to offer this digital gem along with more titles from the series. Grab your copy of Manet today.