Renowned today for his realism and his ability to capture the effects of light, Dutch Baroque painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) was for generations cast into the shadows of obscurity. The digital volume The Complete Works of Johannes Vermeer serves as a fitting reminder as to why Vermeer’s paintings are to be cherished as some of the most striking works of his era.

Known primarily for his genre scenes of Dutch life, many of which were set in his distinctive studio, Vermeer has been an enigma of art history as very little is known about him. His source of training remains a mystery and the mechanics of his compositions – namely, how he was able to brilliantly capture the subtle effects of light in his interior scenes – continue to confound experts and spark speculation and debate. In this new volume, readers can form their own hypotheses as to how Vermeer executed his compositions as they are afforded the opportunity to zoom into his most iconic works, including Allegory of History and Woman Holding a Balance, with an unprecedented level of detail. Add in historical details as well as tales of stolen and lost Vermeers and you have a digital volume on the Dutch master that is beyond compare. Available now on Musebooks.