As one of the defining creative forces of the Flemish Baroque era, Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) was renowned for his vibrant and dynamic compositions that exuded the energy and elegance of the day. His bold body of work comes to life one again in the striking volume, The Complete Works of Peter Paul Rubens.

Born in Siegen, in the heart of modern-day Germany, Rubens began his training in a traditional Northern European approach. Travel to Italy near the turn of the century transformed his approach and truly allowed his compositions to come to life. Returning to Antwerp, which would become his main locale for the remainder of his career, Rubens brought the grandeur of Renaissance Italy to his Flemish workshop. From the celebration of the classical figure in his history paintings to the dynamic postures seen in his biblical and allegorical works, Rubens enlivened the art of his Northern European generation by imbuing it with an unprecedented energy that would inspire many artists to come.

The Complete Works of Peter Paul Rubens shows this magnificence masterpiece by masterpiece. With special focus on some of the best examples from Rubens’ career, this volume offers fitting insights into his progression as an artist and the lasting influence he held over the following generations.