The grand master of the Grand Manner portrait, Sir Thomas Gainsborough rivaled contemporary Sir Joshua Reynolds for the title of the most pivotal British portrait painter of the 18th century. He was equally influential in promoting the rise of landscape painting, promoting forward-thinking styles that situated him at the cutting edge of his generation. This refreshed approach comes to life once again in this marvelous digital volume dedicated to the artist.

Studying from the masters as a young man, Gainsborough rose to prominence in the 1760s as his portraits exhibited at the Royal Academy grew greater attention. His tenure with the Academy was brief, but his influence on the art of the portrait endured, particularly as Gainsborough began amplifying his dynamic likenesses by setting them against increasingly expressive landscapes. This pairing allowed Gainsborough to showcase his ability to render a variety of textures and accentuate the delicate details of his sitter’s features, but it also allowed him to proclaim the importance of the landscape that, at the time, was considered a lesser subject for formal compositions.

Though his career was cut short by cancer in the 1780s, Gainsborough had secured his role as one of the most essential artists of his day. Considered the favorite artist of King George III and beloved by his patrons, Gainsborough comes to life once again in The Complete Works of Thomas Gainsborough, available on Musebooks.