The lush world of ancient Mesoamerica and its fascinating legacy of luxury arts serves as the focal point of the Metropolitan Museum’s new showcase, Golden Kingdoms: Luxury & Legacy in the Ancient Americas,” on view from 28 February to 28 May 2018.

Displaying some of the most exceptional surviving examples of art and design in the service of ritual and commemoration within the ancient Inca and Aztec cultures, this exhibition affords the visitor an in-depth look at the materiality of these objects. Across more than 300 objects, this exhibition reveals the nuances of metalwork and the incorporation of semiprecious stones, shells, and other locally sourced yet rare materials that amplified the opulence of the pieces they adorned.

“Golden Kingdoms” dazzles the eye, but it also serves to educate through an expanded understanding of how these ancient cultures operate, allowing visitors to deepen their knowledge while also imagining the splendor of these empires in the ancient world. More on the exhibition and its accompanying catalogue can be found on the museum’s website.