Remarkable for his career that spanned the rigors of Academic training to the novelty of innovative avant-garde design, Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) serves as the pioneer of new painterly techniques in the early twentieth century. Examine the artist’s fascinating evolution in Gustav Klimt, an expansive and exceptionally well-illustrated text now available on Musebooks.

Page through insightful observations on Klimt’s growth from an Academically trained ingenue with an incredible ability as a draftsman to one of the most internationally acclaimed representatives of the Vienna Secessionist movement in the early twentieth century. Readers are treated to the most marvelous examples of Klimt’s works, which showcase his deeply ingrained talent alongside his desire to find a new energy in art. Respecting tradition and yet pushing boundaries, Klimt eventually resolved this tension in what became known as the “golden phase” of his career, a metaphorical reference to the luminous brilliance of his work at the time. Learn about this era and more in this engaging look at Klimt’s career by buying your copy of Gustav Klimt today.