Mothers and daughters always have a special connection, but that between artist duo Marilène Coolens (mother) and Lisa De Boeck (daughter) has resulted in one of the most dynamic collaborations of the modern day. Memymom, the title of their collective and also the title of a new book that profiles their body of work, retells this evolution and is now available on Musebooks.

The creative endeavor of memymom sprang from the imaginative play of Lisa’s youth: she would often reenact tales taken from storybooks and television shows. Marilène, hoping to both encourage her and to document her imaginative daughter, captured these moments in photographic form. A handful of photographs evolved quickly into their own compendium, and as time passed this mother-daughter duo switched roles. This exchange was also documented in photographic form, resulting in this book’s powerful compilation of images. The tensions between youth and maturity as well as the unyielding love between a mother and her daughter resonate page after page, as do the sheer creativity and talent that this photography team embodies.