It’s a new year and we’ve launched several new features on

First, you can now find information on our Exhibitions page about the latest exhibitions all over the world. We’ve made a first selection and will keep adding to the list, soon covering the 50 most important museums and galleries in the world!

New exhibitions added this week:


Second, we’ve added a new preview function for our musebooks and their digital reading experience. You can now explore any digital art book and preview the way this book will appear when you read it in your personal cloud library.

New previews this week:


Last but not least, our blog has gotten a makeover. It is now a useful News page with all the latest information about our digital and printed books and company news.

News about art books this week:


Every Thursday we will post the latest updates about our website, shop and exhibitions page under the title Musebooks Thursday. This way you get an overview of what’s new with just one click of the mouse.