Shedding new light on the extent to which twentieth-century Swiss-German artist Paul Klee was influenced by the global art of cultures ranging from pharaonic Egypt to Native Americans, the exhibition, “Paul Klee: At the Origins of Art” (“Paul Klee alle origin dell’arte”) on view at Milan’s Museo delle Culture from 31 October to 27 January, explores the role of the “primitive” in the famed artist’s work.

The exhibition draws on a rich array of examples of Klee’s work to showcase how deep the artist’s knowledge was of nonwestern artistic traditions over history and to build essential connections to illustrate how these international motifs informed his creative process. Through the lens of his various creations, visitors to this exhibition can experience Klee’s discovery from the minute to the cosmic, work by work. For those who’d like a more broad summary of Klee’s career, Musebooks recommends Paul Klee, from the Temporis Collection, or Collected Works of Paul Klee, courtesy of the Delphi Masters of Art series, both of which offer satisfying surveys of the artist’s works and his innovative contributions to modern expression.