The brilliance of the modern Bauhaus aesthetic redefined an era of European design at a turbulent moment in world history, but the influencers of the movement stretched far beyond the German headquarters of Walter Gropius’ school. In fact, some of the most powerful voices of the aesthetic movement came from the Russian avant-garde, infusing the Bauhaus with a spirit of innovation, revolution and a desire to craft a new style for the modern world.


Musebooks invites you to revisit the work of the influential Soviet artists, including:

·      Wassily Kandinsky, whose experimental investigations of color and line led to the advent of abstract painting and paved the way for the advent of the Bauhaus

·      Kasimir Malevich, whose streamlined Suprematist works forced essential questions as to the path forward for painting in the early twentieth century

·      El Lissitzky, whose embrace of modern Bauhaus thinking contributed to his incredibly successful career as a graphic designer

·      Soviet Art series, a magnificent four-volume compilation of the greatest – and most innovative – voices of Soviet visual arts


Take a tour of the work of these masters in these impeccably illustrated and exceptionally well-written volumes available now on Musebooks.