A master of the Romantic era, British painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) captivated a generation with his wispy strokes of color and light that came together to create striking and seductive landscapes. This brilliance is showcased in The Collected Works of J.M.W. Turner, from the Delphi Classics Masters of Art digital art book series.

Turner’s rise to artistic acclaim occurred as art was undergoing a revolution. Indeed, the year that Turner entered London’s Royal Academy coincided with the dawn of the French Revolution, a movement partially fueled by the Neoclassical revolt put forth by artists such as Jacques-Louis David. David’s penchant for referencing the contemporary world in his classical scenes opened the door to new artistic possibilities at the dawn of the 19th century for artists across Europe. This was an avenue of exploration that Turner gladly embraced by channeling all of his passions into his painting. He produced a body of work that numbered in the thousands, and it is across this panoply that one can gain a true sense of his compositional brilliance. 

The product of this talent, including masterworks ranging from his early Self Portrait (1799) to the iconic Fighting Temeraire (1839), is the focus of this new digital volume and thus makes it a “must-have” for Musebooks fans of Turner’s work. Buy your copy today.