Before there was Giotto, there was the Gothic age; after Giotto, the Renaissance had arrived. Considered one of the key contributors to the dawn of the Renaissance, fourteenth-century Florentine master Giotto di Bondone (c. 1270-1337) broke from artistic tradition to reinvent his figures with naturalism, a seemingly small shift that nevertheless ushered in one of the revolutionary eras in art history.

Breaking from the Byzantine approach to the figure that still lingered among late thirteenth-century artists, Giotto examined his figures from an individual perspective, an approach that enlivened his work and that is illustrated across this digital volume dedicated to the artist. The Complete Works of Giotto comes packed with outstanding examples of the Florentine's most famous work and demonstrates through companion texts how highlights from his oeuvre broke from the mold of earlier artist expression. The Complete Works of Giottois now available on Musebooks.