Myriad words have been spoken about the role of the image: how one is to read it, what one is to take from it, and how one is to react. The Image Revisited, a brilliant new volume by Ludion and now available on Musebooks, assumes a fresh approach to this long-standing question through the guise of Luc Tuymans, Gottfried Boehm, T.J. Clark, and Hans M. De Wolf, who come together to enlighten readers with their insights.

Designed to complement an exhibition developed by Tuymans at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp, The Image Revisited explores Tuymans’ personal connection with the image and how his early engagement with art history encouraged his own development as an artist. At the same time, the book brings together these amazing minds to discuss some of art history’s major works in an effort to consider the motivations past and present for the innovative artist. From this perspective, The Image Revisited can be seen as a pivotal contribution to art historical scholarship that will complement any art library.