It is on rare occasion that one can be treated to a view of the world from the vantage point of an artistic master, and yet this is the exact luxury of “Through the Eyes of Picasso,” the revolutionary exhibition of the Spanish icon’s work on view at the Nelson-Atkins Museum (through 8 April 2018). Examining the influence of African and Oceanic art on Picasso’s oeuvre, this exhibition is a refreshing view of an artist so often in the spotlight. 

The excitement of this show stems from its striking blend of African and Oceanic art interspersed with Picasso’s compositions, illustrating how he invoked these examples in his exploration of modernist techniques. Also exhilarating is the incorporated display of art objects that once surrounded Picasso in his studio, bringing to life a bit of the Cubist’s brilliance once more. More details on the exhibition can be found on the museum’s website.