A master of color and a chronicler of late 19th-century decadence, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) contributed to the advance of visual and graphic arts. This powerhouse presence comes to life in Toulouse-Lautrec, now available on Musebooks.

The son of an aristocratic family lineage, Toulouse-Lautrec trained intermittently as an artist growing up, yet it was his chance meeting with innovator Vincent van Gogh in the late 1880s that accelerated the refinement of his artistic approach. His use of color began to intensify, and his artistic focus began to fall more directly on the modern city of Paris from its glimmering surfaces to its seedier underbelly. From compositions electrified with vibrant color to playbills and posters designed to draw audiences to the popular Parisian events of the day, Toulouse-Lautrec conjured a body of work that was both of the day and distinct from it.   

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