Though Vincent van Gogh was never afforded the opportunity to travel to Japan, the influence of its aesthetic was clearly visible throughout his career. From the exotic themes to the saturation of color, Van Gogh absorbed Japanese inspiration with abandon, a connection that comes to life in the current exhibition, “Van Gogh & Japan” (Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, on view until 24 June 2018). 

Pairing more than 100 examples of Japanese prints with several of the museum’s most coveted Van Gogh compositions, “Van Gogh & Japan” illustrates the artist’s indebtedness to the Japanese traditions at a time that coincided with his arrival in Paris. Fascinated by the motifs, rich color and bold contours, van Gogh channeled these elements into his own compositions, even directly copying several impressions that were once part of his expansive print collection.

Experience a new side of van Gogh’s painting in this novel installation that is sure to bolster further discussion of the famed artist’s work. Learn more at the Van Gogh Museum website.