A leading figure in the field of contemporary Chinese photography, Zhang Haier has captivated audiences for years with his striking frames of women ranging from the everyday to the peripheral. These brilliant manifestations of his muses are the focal point of the new book, Zhang Haier – Les Filles, now available on Musebooks.

A review of Haier’s photographs reveals an undeniably sexual undertone, a point furthered by the fact that he features prostitutes in some of his images. The aim of these photographs, though, is not to eroticize these women; rather, as one will see when perusing this book, Haier structures each image as a conversation or negotiation with its subject, one that explores the power of the gaze, of the visual connection, and the intense dynamic between the viewer and the viewed. At the same time Haier’s immense talents as a photographer shine through, as each frame is carefully crafted to tell its own story and give each subject her own identity. Fans of Haier or of contemporary photography in general will benefit from a read of this magnificent monograph. Get your copy today.