Vermeer - The Complete Paintings

This monograph explores Johannes Vermeer’s life and work in the context of the Delft school. Walter Liedtke, scholar and curator of Dutch and Flemish painting, illustrates the subtleties of meaning in the artist’s work and the refinements of his technique and style.

Vermeer’s extremely private life and his supposed use of a camera obscura has encouraged a view of an isolated genius shrouded in an air of mystery.

This book takes a historical approach to Vermeer’s work, featuring large, stunning colour plates of his paintings with many close-up details revealing a master with a rare sensibility.

Publisher Ludion
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Some book reviews
Historians of Netherlandish art:
“Far from the dry rehearsal of facts such catalogues can be, these volumes are packed with the original insights and strong opinions that were the hallmark of Walter’s scholarship.”
“His monograph constitutes a finely nuanced reading of the artist’s unique accomplishments in the light of modern Vermeer scholarship."